Healthy Kids
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Polar Bear Kids Daily Health Multivitamins contain Vitamins A, D, E, B6, B12, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Folate and Biotin to allow for proper growth and development of eyesight, healing and immune function.

Polar Bear Kids Daily Multivitamin

Happy Tummy.
Happy Kid.

Polar Bear Kids Probiotics contains 5 strains of probiotics to support your child’s gastrointestinal and intestinal health. Probiotics compete to replace pathogens and prevent pathogen adhesion along the intestinal mucosa. Probiotics also signal for increased production of anti-microbial functions in the body.

Strong Kids
Play Strong.

Polar Bear Kids Bones & Teeth contains both Calcium and Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 increases absorption of calcium in the body, and this increase allows the body to use calcium for bone health.

Smart Kids
Make Smart Choices.

Polar Bear Kids Daily Omega contains omega-3 fatty acids with both DHA and EPA essential in fetal neurodevelopment. They are required for normal growth and maturation of many organ systems, most importantly the brain and eyes.

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Secret Powers.

Polar Bear Kids Immunity contains Vitamin C and Zinc to help maintain you child’s immune function. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and Zinc plays a role in immune function by increasing cytoprotection against reactive oxygen species and bacterial toxins.

Polar Bear Kids Immunity

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